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3/4 boys and girls CE next 2 weeks
by posted 09/16/2019

There has been some really good soccer at practice and in games and we will continue to work with the 3/4 players on improving their skills and technique. Please see below for the topic for the next 2 weeks in practices If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at jonathanbradley@usa.net

WEEK 3. TOPIC - Passing Session 1.

Coaches will be focusing on correct passing technique with inside of foot. They will be encouraging players to keep their head up,  play the ball to feet or space for player to attack. Teamwork will be a huge point of emphasis. Communication. Be loud and call for the ball.

WEEK 4. Passing and Receiving Session 2.

How to receive a ball properly. Passing with both feet using inside of the foot. Recognizing where to go so a teammate can pass to you.


Jonathan Bradley

DSA Coaching Director

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