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Week 1 Recap / Week 2 Prep
by posted 09/15/2021

Hello Avalanche!  Thank you to the parents and players for a great Week 1.  The mission was to get the kids to know each other a bit and of course, have fun.  The wins will start piling up in short order. 

A few notes ahead of Week 2:  

- Both Coach Gabe and I will be unable to attend on Saturday.  Deputy Assistant Coach Randall will be there to fill in, but if a second parent wants to channel their inner Ted Lasso this week and join the staff, let us know!  First to respond wins the prize, and no obligation at all.  

- One coach-y note:  we have been asked by JA Elite to teach the 'diamond formation' or a '1-2-1' format on the field.  It can be tricky to explain 1-2-1 to the kids as there is a bit of lingo, so if you are interested perhaps you can chat with them on it.  Here's how 1-2-1 works:  one player stands closest to our goalie ('defense'), two players stand ~20 feet apart in the middle of the field ('midfielders'), and one is closest to our goal ('attack').  So we will say during a substitution:  'John - you play defense; Joe and Bill, you are the midfielders; and George - you play attack'.  

Here's a visual:  https://www.activekids.com/soccer/articles/the-3-best-formations-for-youth-soccer  

- If you are unable to make a game Saturday, try to let us know in advance (knowing it's not always that easy).  My cell is 9178439326 and Gabe is 9172321980.


Thank you again and hope to see you all Saturday!  

Coach Kevin 

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