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Unanchored Goals = Serious Injury 

It is the responsibility of the Referee to check for the safety of the players!!! 

The Referee's authority begins upon arrival at the area of the field of play and continues until he or she has left the area of the field after the game has been completed. The Referee's authority extends to time when the ball is not in play, to temporary suspensions, to the half-time break, and to additional periods of play or kicks from the penalty mark required by the rules of the competition. 

The first order of business for the Referee team upon entering the field is to determine the fitness of the field. Failing to perform that duty is a significant breach of the Referees' responsiblies and represents Referee misconduct. 

IF Goals Are Not Anchored - Do Not Start The Game!!!




 All Fields, All the Time


The bottom line is this:  Goal safety is everyone’s job and your volunteers and parents need to be aware of the dangers.

Securely anchor or counter-weight portable goals at all times.

Never climb on the net or goal framework.

Check all connecting hardware before every use.  Replace all damaged or missing fasteners immediately.

Use warning labels and make sure they are clearly visible.