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How to file a Match Report:


All Center Referees MUST file a match report for every Club Excel or Travel game that they work, within 48 hours if the match.  We have made it a lot easier by creating an online form that automatically sends your report to the Southwest District office.


In order to ensure compliance, we will be tracking games to confirm that reports have been filed.  When we run the payroll at the end of the season, Center Referees will not be paid for any game where they have not filed


Under the Referee tab, go to the tab at the bottom, "Online Form". If it asks for a password, use "report".


The questions on the form are the same as the standard report.


Please make sure you get copies of team rosters.  Keep them for a few days after you file the report in case there are any questions or unusual circumstances.


If Mr. McGarey asks you to also file a report with CJSA, here are the steps:


Depending on the nature of the unusual incident, you will very likely have to file a Supplemental Report that goes to CJSA headquarters.

This report is filed on line via the Central Assign Website.   

Every certified referee in CT is automatically set up with an account on Central Assign.  (Note, DSA does not use this system, we use the assigning functionality built in to the DSA website)

Complete this report on DSA.  Mr McGarey will be in touch with you to clarify any information in your DSA report so it is done properly in the Central Assign system.

Once you have communicated with Mr. McGarey, follow these steps:

Go to:


Click on "Log on" and hit retreive password if necessary.

Go to the Administration tab

Click on the "+" sign next to Referee Game Utilities.  A drop down list will appear

Chose: Complete Game Reports 

Click on "New Game NOT Assigned in Central Assign"

Fill out the report with the same information from your DSA report, plus and special details.  At the bottom of each page, click on "Forward" when done to turn to the next page of the report.

At the end of the report you will electronically sign it by entering your phone number and name and hitting submit.