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 Procedures for Referee Assignments via DSA Website
Revised September 2016
All referee game assignments for the Darien Soccer Association are managed via the DSA website (www.dariensoccer.org) This includes K-2, Club Excel and Travel.
Here are the basic instructions. 
Special notes for K-2 refs and Club Linesman referees:
  1. One K-2 and one Club Linesman game only per Saturday, unless otherwise notified.
  2. One week at a time.  Do not sign up for games beyond the coming Saturday.
  3. If you log in and see Assigned  at the end of the line, that game is already full.
  4. K-2 Games and Club Linesman slots are almost always filled via self assignment.  So, you will likely never see an email about a manual assignment.
How to self assign a game:
  1. On DSA home page, click on “Official’s Area” in the blue vertical menu list on the left.
  2. Log in using the referee’s e-mail address and password. If you do not know your password, read and follow the instructions on the next page and your temporary password will be sent to your e-mail.
  3. You are now on your personalized Officials Home page.  Tip- Click on “My Schedule” to see a list of all past, present and future games that you are assigned to.
  4. To Self assign games:
  5. From the blue vertical menu list on the far left side, Go to “Master Schedule”
  6. TIP, at the top of the Master Schedule page, uncheck the “Show non-games” box
  7. Scroll down the page to see what is currently available based on your experience level and slots not already taken by other refs.   On the far right end of each game listing there will be a drop down box.  Select the position you want at that match. 
  8. If you see Assigned  at the end of the line, the game is already full.
  9. You can make changes, but be careful.  Once you log out your most recent choices are locked in.
  10. Once you have made your selection, click on Official’s Area.  Then click on Log Out.
  11. Tip- before you Log Out, click on My Schedule to confirm what you chose.  You will see a list of all past, present and future games.  If everything looks good, hit the back button on your browser and then Log Out.  Or go back to Master Schedule and make changes.
  12. For all Travel refs and Club Excel Center refs, if the game is more than 7 days away, you can log back in and change it.  Once the game is 7 days away or less, changes can only be requested by emailing
  13. You will get an email reminder about your game.
MANUAL ASSIGNMENT: (Primarily applies to Travel and Club Excel games, not K2/CL)  If there are unfilled slots late in the week, the Assignor will manually send out assignments to fill all games.  You will be notified by an E-mail.  Within 24 hours you must reply to that e-mail by indicating if you Accept or Decline it
You will get e-mail reminders of assignments the day before a game. You also can view and print your schedule from the “My Schedule” page at any time if you are unsure of which games you are doing.
Frequently Asked Questions about Referee Assignments via DSA website

CAUTION: If you play on a DSA team, the system will automatically block your availability for Manual Assignments that conflict with any of your scheduled games.  However, when you log in to self assign, the system assumes that you know about all of your own games as a player, and your other games where you are refereeing.  If you are not careful, you can double book yourself.  Always check “My Schedule” to confirm what you are signed up for.
  • How do I LOG IN as a Referee? 
  • Go to blue vertical menu bar on left side of DSA site. Click on Official’s Area. Use your e-mail address and your password. If you do not know your password, read and follow the instructions on the next page and your temporary password will be sent to your e-mail.
  • How do I SELF ASSIGN a game?
Log in under Official’s Area, and then click on MASTER SCHEDULE in the blue vertical menu bar on the left side of the page. This will show you all activities for the current week. (Hint: unclick the “Show non-games” box so you only see games, not all the practices.) For every game that has an open position that you are available and eligible for you will see a Drop Down Box that looks like this:

Click on it and it will show all the open positions that you may choose. Select one to assign yourself to that position. Then click back to Official’s Area and click on Log Out to lock in your selection.  You can click on My Schedule first to confirm your choices before logging out.  You will get a reminder e-mail the day before your match.
  • How do I see what I am scheduled for?
Log in and click on MY SCHEDULE. Click that and it will show all past, present and future games that you are assigned to.
  • I can no longer work a slot that I SELF ASSIGNED. How do I remove myself from that game?
If the game is less than a week away, you cannot remove yourself from a Self Assigned position. Since Self Assigning gives you a high degree of flexibility and control, it also requires a high level of commitment from the referee. If your schedule changes and you can no longer work a Self Assigned slot, you must send an e-mail to the proper Assigner mailbox, explaining the conflict. The Assigner will remove you from the game.
  1. For K-2 games and Club Linesman slots, send your email to: 
  2. For Club Excel Centers, Club Excel 7th/8th grade AR positions and all Travel games, send our email to:
  • I got an e-mail telling me I have an Assignment, but it is not one that I Self Assigned.
Congratulations, you got an additional assignment so the we can fill open slots. This is a Manual Assignment. In the email, simply click on Accept or Decline.

If you have any questions, reread this document, print it out and walk through the actual screens, and put an honest effort into learning how it works. If you still have questions, contact