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Annual Recertification Course

Certified Grade 8 Referees must take an on line Recertification text each year in order to maintain their certification.  If you do not take the recertification class each year, you have to re-take the Grade 8 course completly. 


 Annual recertification begins in Ocotber of each year and ends on November 30th.

Here are the steps in recertifying:

 1. Go to DSA site, log in under Official's Area and click  on My Schedule.  Count up the number of games you did as AR or CR this fall.  Solo Ref Club Excel games count as a CR spot.  Write those numbers down.  Change the drop down to Spring 2010 to get your totals for Spring games.  Add them up to get your game count for 2010.

2. Go to www.ctreferee.net, click on eReferee log in, enter your name and DOB to log in.

3. Confirm your contact info and update your game count, using the totals from the DSA site that you got in step 1.

4. Register and pay for the on line recertification.  Choose clinic/courses from the drop down.  Another line will appear.  Choose recertification.  Fill out credit card info for the $45 fee.  

5. 2010 Memoradum and Questions. Follow propmts to view the 2010 Memorandum and answer the questions.  Unlimited chances to get them right.  Once you answer those, you then move on to the next section, Points of Emphasis

6. Points of Emphasis- View these slides and answer the related questions.  Unlimited chances to get them right.  Once you answer those, you then move on to the next section, 50 question Recertification test.

7. 50 Question Recertification test.  Start by trying to answer as many questions as possible the first time through .  Make a list of those questions that you are unsure about.

8. Read the test taking tips below for help on how to research the correct anwers. 

9. REMEMBER TO SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TEST AND SAVE IT AT LEAST EVERY 30 MINUTES SO YOU DO NOT LOSE YOUR WORK.  You can save your work and come back to it minutes, hours or days later to finish up.



There is a large pool of questions used for the on line test.  The pool is broken down into groups all pertaining to the same area of the Laws of the Game.  (Fouls, Offside, etc.)

Each referee will randomly get a different group of questions from pool, so your test will be different from the next persons.  However, the questions are all fairly similar.  In fact, don't be surprised if you get the exact same question twice.  Sometimes the system has a glitch and does this. 

READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY.  Sometimes they wording can be confusing or tricky.  If you are not confident in your answer, jot down the question number and come back to it later.

All of the questions are taken straight from the Laws of the Game and use consistent terminology.

Use that to your advantage.

Go to the US Soccer website (
www.ussoccer.com) and click on the Referee tab.

Under "Laws of the Game" download the PDF file of the Laws.

Under Resources, click on Zone 1 and download the Advice to Referees and the Guide to Procedures documents.

As you read a question, pick out the key phrase or topic that is being asked about.  (Penalty kick, Throw in, etc,)  Go to the search window at the top of the PDF file and plug in that phrase.  Scroll through all the hits and you will eventually come to an area of the laws that talks about the same topic the question is.  Do the same for the Advice to Referees and Guide to Procedures documents.  This should give you the information you need to answer the question correctly.

Note:  The Advice to Referees has a lot of examples and scenarios, so it is probably the most helpful document.  The Guide to Procedures has more information on signals, pregame inspection, role of the referee and AR's, 4th official, etc.  Go there first if the question relates primarily to those topics.


At the bottom of the page, there are 2 buttons.  One to SAVE ANSWERS the other to GRADE THE TEST.  Hit the save button at least every 30 minutes so you do not lose any of your work.  When you are confident in your answers, FIRST SAVE YOUR CURRENT ANSWERS, then go ahead and grade the test.  You have 2 chances to get a score of 75 or better.  If you do not pass the second time, you have to retake the entire on line Entry Level course and attend a Field Training & Test session.  That test is 100 questions long.  Trust me, you do not want to end up doing it again.

Once you sucessfully complete your recertification, please let us know at

Good Luck