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Here are a few important tips when you are entering your game schedules to ensure that we can properly assign referees for your home games. 

Please note, our system does not allow us to assign referees unless the game is properly entered in the schedule.  Please follow this carefully!

1. Mind your AM's and PM's- Please be careful when you enter the start and finish times on the schedule that you have AM and PM correct.  The system will pop up a list of default options a lot of times, and if you are not careful, it is easy to select the wrong time. If you mix up AM and PM, it causes some real problems for us.  For example, if you have a game from 6pm to 8pm, but you enter 6:00A by mistake, then the system reads that a game that is 14 hours long.  Any officials assigned to game look like they are tied up that entire day and does not allow them to work other games.

2- When entering schedule details on the website, under "Category" you MUST choose "GAME".  On the page where you enter the game info, the Category field has  drop down with, literally, 47 choices.  Like, Away, Away Game, Home, Parent Meeting, Pasta Dinner, Jamboree, Mini Jamboree, etc.  The way the system works, we will know that you need referees only when the Location is a DSA field and the Category is "Game".  See below for a screen shot of the game details page. 


Edit - Game #1291850
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  Date:  <- TBD      Start:  Finish:
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  Category:   Other:
  Confirmed:    Cancelled:     ID: (optional)

  Season:  var dSeasonStart = new Object; var dSeasonEnd = new Object; dSeasonStart.A3365 = new Date('01/31/2009'); dSeasonEnd.A3365 = new Date('07/01/2009'); dSeasonStart.A3101 = new Date('07/31/2008'); dSeasonEnd.A3101 = new Date('12/31/2008'); dSeasonStart.A2941 = new Date('02/23/2008'); dSeasonEnd.A2941 = new Date('06/24/2008'); dSeasonStart.A2742 = new Date('06/23/2007'); dSeasonEnd.A2742 = new Date('12/25/2007'); dSeasonStart.A2549 = new Date('02/23/2007'); dSeasonEnd.A2549 = new Date('06/24/2007'); dSeasonStart.A2245 = new Date('06/25/2006'); dSeasonEnd.A2245 = new Date('02/24/2007'); dSeasonStart.A1907 = new Date('03/02/2006'); dSeasonEnd.A1907 = new Date('06/24/2006'); dSeasonStart.A1358 = new Date('08/01/2005'); dSeasonEnd.A1358 = new Date('03/20/2006'); dSeasonStart.A1180 = new Date('01/01/2005'); dSeasonEnd.A1180 = new Date('07/26/2005'); dSeasonStart.A930 = new Date('07/24/2004'); dSeasonEnd.A930 = new Date('12/31/2004'); dSeasonStart.A803 = new Date('02/01/2004'); dSeasonEnd.A803 = new Date('07/01/2004'); dSeasonStart.A654 = new Date('08/01/2003'); dSeasonEnd.A654 = new Date('12/01/2003'); dSeasonStart.A568 = new Date('01/01/2003'); dSeasonEnd.A568 = new Date('07/01/2003'); dSeasonStart.A539 = new Date('07/01/2002'); dSeasonEnd.A539 = new Date('12/31/2002');
Or of Game #:
Or of Game #:



3. Schedule Changes the week before a game- In the spring you often face the weekly challenge of determining if you will have enough players to have a match on Sunday.  Often times you might try to shift the game time to reduce conflicts with other sports that your players participate in.  Then of course, you have to let your opponents know.  If all of this does not get settled until Thursday or Friday, that does not leave us enough time to find a referee crew available for the new time slot.  No refs = no game = all your efforts are for naught.  We will make every effort to find refs, but understand that the earlier in the week you get things settled, the more likely we will be able to accomodate you.  I'll stretch Kathie's Monday deadline for changes to Tuesday as I am comfortable that we can make that work.  But, if you are still moving your match time around on Thursday or Friday, we will make our best effort to find a crew, but be forewarned that it is highly likely we won't be able to accomodate you.



4. How do I know if referees have been assigned to my game?


On the Master Schedule, scroll to the right and you will see a column titled "Ofl".  You will see a number there that indicates how many referees are assigned to your game.  A full crew for travel games is one Center Referee and two Assistant Referees.  If you see a 3 in the OFL column next to your game, then you know you have a full crew.


Any other referee related questions, please let me know.


Frank X. McGarey


Referee Development