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Teams will be rostered together by Birth Year.  Jan 1st  thru Dec 31st .  


A simple example: If your son or daughter was born in 20013 then they will be grouped with other players from 20013.  In the same example, this player would register for 2008 soccer and tryout for 2008 soccer. 


This Fall teams will be identified by birth year.  We will identify our teams based upon their birth year.  For example, we will call our Travel girls from the birth year 2008 Blue team:  Darien ’08 Girls Blue.   

Plans are being made to make our next registration and Try-outs as clear as possible.  Follow your birth year and all will fall into place.  


*For players born between 1/1/07-12/31/08:

Our district will be combining these two birth years into one group: U15  2007/2008.  This decision will essentially capture any 2007 players who are in the 8th grade (so not yet in high school).  2007 athletes who are in high school will not be allowed to play on the combined team.

Please note that this combined birth year concept will continue forward for future years to come.