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Travel Soccer Commitment Policy

DSA Travel Soccer is a two season commitment for Fall and Spring.  The commitment levels required for the two seasons vary and are outlined below.

Fall Season Overview

  • Fall season runs from late August through mid November   
  • Practices are held 2 times per week
  • League games on Sunday afternoons
  • CT Cup games (only applicable for U-11 through U-15 age groups) usually on Saturday afternoons in the Fall and take precedence over all other games
  • Required attendance at the Labor Day weekend Tournament (optional Columbus Day weekend Tournament)

​Fall Season Commitment

If your child is invited to join a DSA Travel soccer team and agrees to play, they are accepting a 100% commitment to soccer in the Fall.  Less than a 100% commitment is not fair to your fellow teammates or coaches. Your child is welcome to play other sports in the fall, provided it does not interfere with the practice or game schedules of soccer. If you cannot make this commitment to travel soccer, it is not recommended that your child try out.  The DSA obviously understands absences due to family commitments or sickness. We do ask that you communicate problems/conflicts to your coach and manager as far in advance as possible. However absences due to other sporting commitments during the Fall season are not acceptable. Coaches will address this lack of commitment through reduced playing time.  In addition, excessive absences may impact future team selection.

Fall Season Playing Time

A player, if attending all practices and games, will be given a minimum playing time equivalent to 1/3 of the game during league play.  If the player DOES NOT attend a practice or game, the coach is not required to play the child for 1/3 of the game.  Players who repeatedly fail to honor this commitment may be suspended by the DSA.  Coaches may use discretion with regard to playing time in CT Cup and playoffs.  


Spring Season Overview

  • Spring season runs from early April through mid June
  • Practices are held 2 times per week
  • League games are Sunday afternoons
  • Tournaments are optional


Spring Season Commitment

DSA realizes that many children will want to participate in other Spring sports and therefore the expectations with regard to soccer are reduced.  Players are expected to make a strong effort to attend all practices and games, but we realize that conflicts with other sports are likely. It is expected that any conflicts will be communicated with your coaches and managers well in advance so that the impact on the team (e.g., playing with fewer players, rescheduling etc.) can be minimized.

Spring Season Playing Time

The flexibility shown in the spring is to accommodate other sports, but players should attend at a least 1 practice and all games on weekends.  A player, if attending at least 1 practice, will be given playing time equivalent to at least 1/3 of the game.  If the player DOES NOT attend either practice, the coach is not required to play the child for 1/3 of the game.