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Parent Coaching Guide- Travel


Thank you for coaching!  You are a key person with regard to our Travel program.  Please take some time to read through this guide.  I hope you find it helpful.


Parent coaching responsibilities:

1)      Communicate with your manager.  You and your manager should be communicating regularly throughout the season.  The manager is the primary communicator with the team.  The manager schedules games with the District. 

2)      Coordinate with Manager on who will bring the game bag with Player passes.  The DSA will provide each team with player passes, a first aid kit, ice packs, goalie pinnie and game ball.  We do not provide a game bag.  Any bag that fits these is fine. 

3)      Coaching.  The team’s professional coach is the primary coach of the team.  Parent Coaches are not responsible for weekday training.  Take direction from him/her with regard to helping team.  Our professional coaches have different styles within our curriculum.  Please ask them how you can be most helpful.

4)      When the Professional Coach is not available and you are the Sunday coach. 

a)      Be prepared.  Please arrive extra early to the game

b)      Speak to your professional coach on game plan- strategy, positioning etc

c)       Have a pre-game warm up in mind.  Speak to your professional coach on what works. ATTEND a Coaching Clinic if possible.  Having a good warm up will keep the players focused and easier to manage.

d)      Pick a keeper for the game (or each half) and have another player warm him/her up.

e)      Have passes ready for the referee.

f)       Subbing.  Make sure, in general, players are getting equal time.  Our policy is that players will play at least 1/3rd of the game.

g)      Give game recap to professional coach

5)      Keep the players focused on the game

6)      Respect the Referee- Introduce yourself.  Shake hands at end of game.  Have players shake hands of the referee as well.  There is NO tolerance to referee abuse.

7)      Fair Play- the SWD league has a 6 goal DIFFERENCE Mercy Rule.  It is a strict rule.  You must follow. 

8)      Refrain from yelling too much from the sidelines during game time.  Let the kids play and instruct at the sidelines.

9)      State Cup.  There is no State Cup at U9 and U10.  At U11-U14 we enter into the CT Cup each Fall.  Games are on Saturdays and are single elimination. 

10)   Tournaments.  The DSA automatically schedules a Labor Day Tournament each year.  You and your manager can schedule extra tournaments but it is organized independently from the DSA (you will still represent the DSA and need rosters).  Columbus Day weekend is a popular weekend for soccer tournaments.  There are several indoor soccer tournaments in our area as well.  They are fun and keep the players going over the winter.  Parents/teams organize and pay for tournaments.  Contact your Travel Commissioners for more details. 

11)   Complete the on-line Referee evaluation/report on DSA website at least several times a season.  This is quality feedback for the program and important to the success of the league.