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Connecticut Junior Soccer Association, Inc.

South West District

Below are the guidelines to be observed by all managers and coaches of Travel and Premier teams in the South West District CJSA. Please take this with you to your games and share it with administrators, parents, and referees.


When players and coaches from more than one club take the field, the event ,may be characterized either as a match or as a practice. At a practice, coaches are on the field of play, no scores are kept, no time kept, play must be stopped frequently to facilitate instruction, and game uniforms are not worn. Absent any of these conditions, a match is presumed and all the requirements of a match must be observed. If all the elements of a practice are present, then teams from different clubs ,may practice together without the requirements for match play provided that all players and coaches are currently registered to a club in good standing within CJSA. "Friendlies" and "scrimages" are matches.

All matches between teams from separate clubs must meet these requirements:

  • All players, managers, and coaches must have current passes, laminated, stamped by District
  • All teams must have current rosters stamped by District listing all players, coaches, and managers
  • Both of the above must be presented to the referee prior to kick-off; referee will keep rosters (make many copies)
  • A referee with current year USSF certification must officiate throughout the match

Only persons whose names appear on rosters are permitted on the players side of the field; all others are considered spectators and are restricted to the opposite sideline. No one is allowed behind the goal lines.

Coaches and managers must remain inside a "technical area" within 10 yards of their team bench; they must remain no less than 2 yards from the field and may not cross the midpoint of their sideline. Entry onto the field of play is with the referee′s invitation only. Managers should pay referees before the match, and in no event later than half-time.

Coaches and managers should refrain from addressing referees during a match except when requesting substitutions. Questions about calls should be avoided. If they must be made, do so at half-time or after the match and never be confrontational. Before matches it is proper to introduce yourselves to referees and ask for their names and hometowns. If the referee badge shows 1999 or before, you may ask to see their referee license.

When in the opinion of the referee spectators become disruptive, the referee may suspend the match and request that the coach or coaches restrain their respective fans/spectators. Coaches are duty-bound to assist in this process. If the referee is unsatisfied that calm is restored or believes that fair play is unlikely to resume, he/she may abandon the match and must file a report with the District. An investigation will follow and appropriate actions will be taken.

If a referee ejects a coach or manager from a game, that person must leave the field without delay pr dissent. The ejected party may not attempt further communication with anyone on the field until the match in concluded. He/she must remain beyond any direct line-of-sight to the field. Failure to abide by these rules will be referred for disciplinary action, including suspension. Referee abuse will not be tolerated and referee assault will be prosecuted.

Coaches are responsible for the safety of their players. In the event that a coach believes that his/her players are not adequately protected from unsafe play or unsafe conditions, he/she is entitled to withdraw the team from the field of play. The referee must file a report with the District and an investigation will follow.

Please remember that you are participating in events centering on children. Treat them accordingly. Refrain from inappropriate language and from hostile words and deeds. Exercise proper leadership and set a good example. Teach integrity and sportsmanship and avoid being negative. Exercise discipline where needed but avoid harshness or displays of bad temper. Be supportive of your players even as you give them constructive criticism and never let games become very lopsided.

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