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DSA Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, and mutual respect among players, coaches, officials, and spectators, the following Player/Parent Code of Conduct has been established.  All participants are responsible for creating an environment that ends with a positive and enjoyable experience.  Please take a few minutes to read with your child. 

  • I will attend every practice and game that I can
  • I will listen to my coaches, work hard and give my best
  • I will respect the coaches and players of the opposing team and display sportsmanship at the conclusion of a game
  • I will respect the game officials and refrain from addressing them or commenting on their decisions during or after the game
  • I will accept success and failure, victory and defeat, equally
  • I will learn and respect the rules of soccer


  • Ensure your child arrives at training, practices, and games on-time and fully equipped
  • Demonstrate open communication to all coaches and team managers when scheduling conflicts should arise
  • Cheer for your child's team in a positive manner, refraining at all times from making
  • negative or abusive remarks about the opposing team.  Maintain control of your emotions and avoid actions, language, and/or gestures that may be interpreted as hostile and humiliating
  • Respect the game officials and refrain from questioning their decisions or fromaddressing them in a loud, disrespectful, or abusive manner



Both Players and Parents should adhere to the 24 hour rule:  any player or parent/guardian who is upset with a coach, for any reason, should wait 24 hours before approaching any coach or board member with complaints.  This rule is intended to let parents and coaches have a cooling/calming down period.  After that time, the first thing to do is to discuss the problem with a team manager (in the case of travel) or the appropriate grade-level Commissioner and then, if necessary, the coach and/or board.  It is the board’s opinion that, after waiting the required period of time, everyone will be able the discuss any problem in a calmer, more professional manner.