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Additional Soccer Tournaments

The DSA wants our teams to have the best soccer experience possible but we can’t do it alone.  Our parents, parent coaches and parent managers should all feel a responsibility with regard to their individual teams.  They are your players, your kids…this is your team! 

The DSA encourages participation in additional tournaments, friendlies and winter training.  Additional playing time, as in any sport, is a key determinant of skill development, whether individually or as a team.  Several of the DSA teams already participate in additional tournaments in the fall through early summer.   

Below is some general information, tournament links and how to enter.   We have also posted some links for additional winter training. 

All tournaments are organized by individual teams.  Entry fees are paid by the team.  Parent Coaches are encouraged to coach in the tournaments but Professional coaches can participate with an additional fee.  Teams will still be representing the DSA and registrations may need DSA paperwork. 

Tournaments:  Let’s do it!  Find a parent to act as the point person, usually the Manager or Parent Coach.  Follow the steps below.  Tournaments are 1 day or 2 day (1 day tournaments are easier on the families).  There are usually 3 or 4 games short games per tournament.  Cost is usually $300 to $450. 


1.       Pole the team to gauge interest.  In some instances it may require combining two teams (Blue/White for example).  Let your team know there is an additional cost and the dates/location of the tournament as well as the deadline for entry.

2.       Pick a tournament to enter:  See links below. 

3.       Register – go to the tournament website:

a.       Get familiar with the tournament format, rules, requirements, etc.

b.      Email the tournament director and ask if there is room and any other questions about the tournament you may have

c.       Fill out and return the form and fee.  All tournaments also require a waiver to be completed by all players.  You will also need to provide an approved roster: in state does not require any special approval from the district as long as it is a CJSA sanctioned tournament; out of state will require help from DSA to get approval from CJSA.  Player passes will be required on game day.

4.       The Tournament Director will notify you if accepted - normally this will not be an issue if you have already contacted them.

5.       Important for Rosters:

a.       If you are playing in-state and you have no cross rostering players:  nothing further to do.  You will need to provide the normal roster.

b.      If you are cross rostering players (combining Blue/White players for example):  You must speak with DSA to get one roster for the tournament.  1 week to turn this around.

c.       If you are playing out of state:  We must get CJSA approval (not a big deal).  Go to www.cjsa.org .  Find “ETravel” which is the 3rd box down on the right of website.  Fill out online and there should be automatic approval.


Tournament Links:

Columbus Day Weekend

  1. Ridgefield Soccer Club SCOR tournament  http://www.scor.org/Page.asp?n=39256&org=SCOR.ORG
  2. FC Westchester Columbus Day Tournament http://www.fcwestchester.com/tournament/index_E.html
  3. South Windsor Soccer Club, CT http://www.southwindsorsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=26408&org=SOUTHWINDSORSOCCER.ORG
  4. Got Soccer http://home.gotsoccer.com/events.aspx


  1. Westport WIN indoor/outdoor tournament http://www.wintournament.net/
  2. United Athletic Center in Stratford, CT http://uacwaterbury.wordpress.com/
  3. Manhattan Kickoff Classic http://www.manhattansc.org/tourn.php
  4. The Soccer Coliseum, Teaneck, NJ http://www.soccercoliseum.com/pages/soccer-youth-tournaments.aspx
  5. Got Soccer http://home.gotsoccer.com/events.aspx



Contact Corby Hocker for more information of if you have questions