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We will once again offer our DSA Academy.  This program is offered in addition to the House weekly practice and Saturday game.  The goal of this program is to allow our more dedicated DSA players to improve their skills through intense coaching sessions.  The Academy will train the more committed boys and girls separately, exposing them to a higher level of play and instruction, allowing them to further develop their soccer acumen.  This program is designed to be rigorous and intense, and will seek to get the best out of all participants.  Academy participants will be separated by gender, and further grouped into smaller groups (max 12) based on ability, to allow for a more focused and individualized training session.  Evaluations will take place during the first session for group formation; however, the evaluations will be fluid, allowing for player movement over the course of the Academy.

This program represents a serious commitment.  Sessions will be held on Sunday mornings for 6 weeks, and will consist of 1 intense practice session per week. Playing on DSA House program teams caters well to the development of our players and allows kids to play with their friends. Participation in a challenging in-town program such as the DSA Academy will help advance the development of our most dedicated players to a level that will reap rewards down the road when it really counts!

The common denominator of the groups will be commitment and talent.  

The goal of DSA Academy is to create a more competitive player development environment for local players who clearly have the passion and work ethic to become the best soccer players they can be.

General Information

  • Supplemental to House Program - must first be registered for the DSA House program to participate
  • Players understand and agree to make a commitment to the program.    
  • Players must be 2nd grade (or 2013 1st Grader)  
  • In Spring season we also offer 1st grade Academy  
  • 1 Practice per week on Sunday mornings 
  • Please see Schedule posted on Team Page for Academy under the SKILLS Section. 

Sessions will be coached by current DSA Travel Coaches and the program will be directed by Jon Bradley, DSA Coaching Coordinator and Boys Varsity Coach.