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Darien Soccer Association – Manager’s Guide

The parent manager plays an important role in the success of the Darien Soccer Association (DSA).  The primary responsibilities of the manager are: effective communication with the team coaches, parents and players, scheduling matches, reporting match results and acting as a liaison between the team and the DSA.
The DSA plays in the Southwest District (SWD) of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA).  The following websites contain additional information that may be useful:

DSA -     http://www.dariensoccer.org/

South West District (SWD) -         http://www.leagueathletics.com/Default.asp?org=swdcjsa.org
-this link above has our district policies….worth a read.

Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA)
                                -our state association
Quick Notes:
*NEW Managers will be assigned an experienced Manger to help them learn the ropes*
SWD website username and password will be sent 2-3 weeks prior to season from SWD.
DSA website username is your name as submitted, password is ‘travel’.
  • All first time managers need to complete the background check linked on the CJSA site (Home Page).
  • Managers will also need to submit a passport size photo to the DSA for your manager ID pass.
  • Manager will receive the coach, manager and player passes from the DSA at the season kickoff meeting (Fall).
    • It is recommended that you punch a hole in the passes and keep on a ring or clip.
  • CJSA approved rosters and team passes will be distributed to the managers at the season kickoff meeting (Fall). 
    • Managers should sign the roster and make 15 copies of the signed roster.  You can make more copies to give the Parent coach as well as back up. 
    • Rosters and passes must be brought to each match and submitted to the head referee prior to kickoff.  
    • Please provide a game bag (any old canvass bag/sports bag will do) that will hold game passes and rosters as well as first aid kit, game ball and anything else like a goalie pinnie. 
    • Either the Parent Coach or the Manager is responsible for the game bag/rosters.  Passes need to be collected from the referee after thegame.  Don’t forget them!!!
  • Send a welcome email to the team introducing yourself as the manager and providing contact information for the Professional Coach, Parent Coach and Parent Manager, and advising team to check website frequently for practice and match schedule updates. 
Emailing the team
  • Go to the DSA website
  • Click on the ‘Lock’ icon in the upper right corner
  • Enter Username and password in the box and click ‘Submit’
  • Click ‘Teams’ on the top bar
  • Select Season (eg: Fall 2012), League (eg:  U09 through U11 Travel) and Team (eg: Girls U10 Blue)
  • Move cursor over ‘Teams’ until dropdown menu appears and select ‘Roster’
  • Click ‘Send Email’ icon
  • Complete subject and message boxes then click ‘Submit’ to send email to your team.
NoteFor convenience, managers can copy the email addresses from this form into a distribution group in your preferred email program for future correspondence.
Eg. Communication should include:
  • Name of professional coach, parent coach, manager
  • Practice Times
  • Games- Sundays usually noon-6pm.  8 regular season games, 4 home 4 away.  Teams can schedule away from this time if agreed to with opponent
  • State cup in Fall for U11 and up teams.  Play Saturdays in knock-out competition
  • DSA enters all Travel teams in Labor Day Tournament.  Usually either Saturday or Sunday of weekend
  • Uniforms are purchased at the Darien Sports Shop. Team bags are optional but are very handy for holding player’s ball, uniform and other gear.
You will receive 2 communications to schedule games, one from SWD Commissioner and one from DSA Field Assignor.
  1. SWD Commissioner email
    1. Commissioner for your age group will distribute your Season’s schedules (you can check SWD site for list of commissioners) prior to the season
b.    Confirm proper division placement and alert your DSA Travel Commissioner if there is an issue. 
  1. DSA Field Assignor email late August/middle March
    1. Request HOME games.  Coordinate with other Darien age group manager to schedule (hopefully) back to back games.  Many professional coaches are shared with another Darien team at same age group
    2. League games should be played on Sundays between noon and 90 minutes before dark.  Games can be scheduled outside of this time if both Home and Away teams agree
    3. Contact opposing team managers of AWAY games to communicate preference on game times to address shared coach conflicts or any other issues.  We can ask for preference but if Away team gives a game time between Noon and Dark we must take it.
When you have finished schedules update on SWD and DSA websites.
Walkthrough: Updating Schedule on DSA website
  • Go to the DSA website
  • Click on the ‘Lock’ icon in the upper right corner
  • Enter Username and password in the box and click ‘Submit’
  • Click ‘Teams’ on the top bar
  • Select Season (eg: Fall 2012), League (eg:  U09 through U11 Travel) and Team (eg: Girls U10 Blue)
  • Move cursor over ‘Teams’ until dropdown menu appears and select ‘Schedule’
  • Click ‘New Game/Practice’ link
  • Enter Date
  • Enter Start and Finish time
    • Make sure that AM and PM are designated properly
    • U9 – U11 games are 90 minutes; U12 games are 2 hours(may depend on Field Assigner time slots)
  • Select Location from the drop down menu
    • This not only alerts field assignor and referees for home games, but provides a link to directions for away games on the team website
  • Select Category (Game, Tournament, Friendly, etc)
  • If game has been confirmed with opposing team manager, check Confirmed box
  • Select Team – Select your team from dropdown menu
  • Select opponent from Outside drop down menu for non-Darien teams
    • If team name is not found, type it in Other box
  • Use Note box for message to team regarding arrival time, special field instructions, jersey color, etc.
  • Click Submit at the bottom
  • Repeat for all games
Note: Schedule should be set up on the SWD site, however home teams are responsible for updating field assignments and game times.  SWD site uses the same interface to enter schedule information.
In Season:
  • Send weekly email to team advising them of the following:
    • Time and location of game.
    • Jersey color to be worn.
    • Directions.
    • Arrival time (typically 30 minutes prior to kickoff).
  • Confirm game details with opposing team manager.
  • Check weather forecast to prepare for game cancellations.
    • Alert team and opposing manager immediately if fields are closed due to weather.
    • Exchange mobile phone numbers with opposing team manager in case of last minute cancellations.
    • Work with Field Assignor and opposing team managers on any rescheduling.
      • Any rescheduled games must be played by the last day of the season.
  • Report any issues to the Travel Coordinator.
  • Tournaments.
    • DSA teams typically play in a Labor Day Weekend Tournament that is coordinated through the DSA.
    • Other Tournaments can be entered throughout the season (eg. Columbus Day).
      • Check CJSA for link to regional tournaments.
      • Check with Coaches and team members for availability for in season tournaments (entry fees and coach fee will apply).
    • CT Cup and League games take precedence over tournaments.
    • Please contact DSA Tournament Director for further information
  • Friendly Matches.
    • Another option for additional soccer in season.
    • Utilize professional coach as a resource.
    • Coordinate with Field Assignor and Referee Assignor if home games.
  • End of Season.
    • Arrange (or assign another parent to arrange) team get-together, either players and coaches, or players, parents and coaches.
    • Arrange for end of season coach’s gift (typically a team picture and $20 per player).
  • Ensure that the following items are at the field for all games/Usually find a sports bag to hold the following:
    • Game ball (home games).
    • Roster (give to referee prior to game).  Have 12 copies of Roster made before season begins/Keep in waterproof folder. 
    • Player passes (give to referee prior to game, make sure they are returned postgame).
    • First Aid kit.
    • Above items provided by DSA
  • Check equipment for home games.
    • Make sure goals and field flags are properly set up and secured.
  • Email game summary to local papers.
    • [enter contact email addresses]
  • Post scores to the SWD (home games) and DSA (all games) websites by Tuesday.
Walkthrough: Posting Scores on DSA website
  • Go to the DSA website
  • Click on the ‘Lock’ icon in the upper right corner
  • Enter Username and password in the box and click ‘Submit’
  • Click ‘Teams’ on the top bar
  • Select Season (eg: Fall 2012), League (eg:  U09 through U11 Travel) and Team (eg: Girls U10 Blue)
  • Move cursor over ‘Teams’ until dropdown menu appears and select ‘Results’
  • Click ‘Edit Game Results’ link on the same line as the game you are recording
  • Enter Name, Phone Number and Email address in appropriate boxes and check Email Results box
  • Enter score in the Goals box for each team
  • Click Submit at the bottom
Note: Home teams are responsible for updating scores on the SWD site which uses the same interface to enter results.
Connecticut Cup (not relevant for U9 & U10):
  • Connecticut Cup is a statewide, single elimination tournament for teams U11 played on Saturdays.
  • DSA teams typically participate in the Fall season of CT Cup only due to Spring conflicts.
  • At the beginning of the season, manager will receive a packet from the CJSA containing:
    • CT Cup Frozen Roster.
      • Make several copies, present to referee at every CT Cup match.
    • Tournament Bracket.
      • If home game, contact DSA Field Assignor and Referee coordinator.
      • Be considerate of opponent’s travel time in scheduling home games.
    • Contact List.
    • CT Cup Rules.
  • Home teams are required to pay referees for each CT Cup game in cash.
    • DSA will communicate the amount per game.
    • Reimbursement forms (DSA website) should be submitted to the DSA Treasurer.
  • Winning team must communicate score to the CT Cup contact via phone or email (see Contact List).
    • Home and away games usually alternate.
    • If both teams played home games the previous week, preference for Home field in next round is given to the first team to report score.
  • CT Cup games are played rain or shine and take precedence over League games.
  • Standings and playoffs are determined by points.
Labor Day Tournament (usually FAST-Fairfield)
  • Girls on Saturdays (one day tournament)
  • Boys on Sundays (one day tournament)
  • DSA will help with registration
  • Collect Medical Waivers
  • Register day of Tournament
  • More info to follow
Middle to Late June:       Teams Posted
Middle to Late June:       Travel Coordinators will recruit DSA Travel Managers
August                                  Managers will be contacted by DSA, Travel Coordinators, Field Assignor
Late August                        Managers begin communications with team- Welcome, Season details, Labor Day tournament
Late August                        Manager Training- Attend kickoff meeting, be assigned a “buddy” for training, pick up passes, rosters, equipment
Late August                        Managers schedule games
Late August                        Managers, with the help of DSA, communicate all details of Labor Day Tournament. 
Late Fall                                Coordinate coach gift and get together
Winter                                  If team decides, work with coaches to arrange Winter indoor
March                                   Work with Travel Coordinators to monitor team registration for Spring
Spring                                   Similar to Fall season.
Communication Example:
  1. Early Fall
Welcome to the Fall travel soccer season and congratulations to your son for making the Boys U9 Red Soccer Team!
I wanted to send a quick note introducing myself as I will be the manager of the team working with parent coach XXXXX. Throughout the season, I will be responsible for communicating with you to keep you informed of game schedules, etc.
A few things to consider as we approach the season. By now you probably received a note from Jonathan Bradley reminding you that THERE ARE STILL SPACES LEFT FOR THE PRE SEASON TRAVEL CAMP FROM AUG 26-29 AT MIDDLESEX.  The camp is optional.
Also, you may want to head over to the Darien Sport Shop this weekend to order your child’s uniform. They already have his number but they need size information.
Practice times will be/ should be posted on the DSA site to help you coordinate your schedules. We are still waiting to hear on who will be our professional coach. As soon as I know, I will send details. Lastly, there will be a Labor Day tournament in Fairfield. The game is scheduled for Sunday, more details to follow. I understand it is a fun day and great way to kick off the season.
Please me email me if you have any questions. Looking forward to meeting you soon.
Additional Soccer Tournament information:
The DSA wants our teams to have the best soccer experience possible but we can’t do it alone.  Our parents, parent coaches and parent managers should all feel a responsibility with regard to their individual teams.  They are your players, your kids…this is your team! 
The DSA encourages participation in additional tournaments, friendlies and winter training.  Additional playing time, as in any sport, is a key determinant of skill development, whether individually or as a team.  Several of the DSA teams already participate in additional tournaments in the fall through early summer.  
Below is some general information, tournament links and how to enter.   We have also posted some links for additional winter training. 
All tournaments are organized by individual teams.  Entry fees are paid by the team.  Parent Coaches are encouraged to coach in the tournaments but Professional coaches can participate with an additional fee.  Teams will still be representing the DSA and registrations may need DSA paperwork.
Tournaments:  Let’s do it!  Find a parent to act as the point person, usually the Manager or Parent Coach.  Follow the steps below.  Tournaments are 1 day or 2 day (1 day tournaments are easier on the families).  There are usually 3 or 4 games short games per tournament.  Cost is usually $300 to $450. 
  1. Poll the team to gauge interest.  In some instances it may require combining two teams (Blue/White for example).  Let your team know there is an additional cost and the dates/location of the tournament as well as the deadline for entry.
  2. Pick a tournament to enter:  See links below. 
  3. Register – go to the tournament website:
    1. Get familiar with the tournament format, rules, requirements, etc.
    2. Email the tournament director and ask if there is room and any other questions about the tournament you may have
    3. Fill out and return the form and fee.  All tournaments also require a waiver to be completed by all players.  You will also need to provide an approved roster: in state does not require any special approval from the district as long as it is a CJSA sanctioned tournament; out of state will require help from DSA to get approval from CJSA.  Player passes will be required on game day.
  4. The Tournament Director will notify you if accepted - normally this will not be an issue if you have already contacted them.
5.Important for Rosters: 
a.If you are playing in-state and you have no cross rostering players:  nothing further to do.  You will need to provide the normal roster.
b.If you are cross rostering players (combining Blue/White players for example):  You must speak with DSA to get one roster for the tournament.  1 week to turn this around.
c.If you are playing out of state:  We must get CJSA approval (not a big deal).  Go to www.cjsa.org .  Find “ETravel” which is the 3rd box down on the right of website.  Fill out online and there should be automatic approval.
Tournament Link Examples:
Columbus Day weekend: 
  1. FC Westchester Adidas Columbus Day Weekend Tournament for boys and girls U9 – U11 on Sunday October 9th 2011         www.fcwestchester.com/tournament/index_E.html
  2. South Windsor Soccer Club Fall Soccer Tournament; October 29 (girls) and October 30 (boys).  For U9 and U10 ONLY   www.southwindsorsoccer.org
  1. Westport Indoor tournament     3/17th and 3/18th 2012.  DSA always has teams participate in this one.
  1. United Athletic Center in Stratford, CT http://unitedathleticcenters.com/facilities/29/presenters/leagues
  2. http://www.manhattansc.org/tourn.php - Great pre-season Spring warm up.
  3. http://www.soccercoliseum.com/pages/Default.aspx  Great facility and well run.  Take on some NJ teams!  Not far away actually. 
Contact Corby Hocker for more information of if you have questions