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CT Cup Polices 
More info from CJSA website
General Info
* Ct CUP is a single elimination tournament played in the Fall and Spring each year. Once your team loses a game you are out of the competition. If your team wins, they proceed to the next round.
*DSA participates in the Fall CT cup ONLY.
*All DSA teams U11-U14 will participate in the CT CUP.  U9-U10 do not participate.
*DSA will automatically enroll your team in the CT CUP-. Managers do not need to submit any forms or rosters.
*Managers should remind their teams, over the summer, they are playing in the CT CUP and should expect extra games on Saturdays in September. This is particularly important for U11 teams that are playing for the first time and may not realize they will have extra games.
*Team roster will be submitted by DSA and will be a separate CT CUP roster, different from your team roster. Once this roster is frozen, no changes can be made to it.
*No players that play for a premier team can play for DSA in the CT cup.
*All teams entered into the CT CUP will be part of an open draw. Once the draw is complete it will be posted on the CJSA website (usually the beginning of September).
How to schedule a cup game:
Contacts for opponents is found under http://www.cjsa.org/cup/ctcupteamcontacts.aspx
*Once the draw is posted it is up to the home team manager to schedule the game.  Work with DSA Field Assignor
* You will be given a game date/deadline which game must be played by. Usually it is a one week time, with the exception of the first week, when you may have 2 weeks to play your first game.  If you have a 2 week window ask other team to schedule ahead.  If not playing on scheduled date then game must be mutually agreed.  Idea is to get game in so weather does not have a chance to impact game following week.
* Most games should and will be played on a Saturday. 
* The home team must offer a time period between 10am -3pm on the deadline day.
*Our home games played on the designated day and between the stated hours DO NOT require agreement of the away team. Please work with away team but in the end they must be available in our window.
*Any games played outside of the time frame must be mutually agreed by both teams.
*If your team is home one week you will most likely be away the next week. However, each week you must refer back to the original draw grid to see where you are playing.
If weather threatens a postponement
*If there is rain or other reasons why your game cannot be played on the Saturday, the Cup game would take preference over your regular season game on Sunday. There may be a situation that will require you to postpone your season game in order to make your cup deadline.
*if weather is threating a postponement, the home team must give 3hours advanced notice before game time.  If a nearby town you can work with them to make a decision later.  If away team’s fields are open try moving game there.  Original Home team still required to pay referees.
Game Day Information 
*The length of the Cup Game will be as follows:
U19-U17 Two 45 minute halves Two 10 minute overtime periods; size 5 ball
U16-U15 Two 40 minute halves Two 10 minute overtime periods; size 5 ball  
U14-U13 Two 35 minute halves Two 10 minute overtime periods; size 5 ball  
U12-U11 (full/small) Two 35 minute halves Two 10 minute periods; size 4 ball
*In all Cup competitions, if a game is tied 2 complete overtime periods of 10 minutes will be played. If a game is still tied, taking kicks from the penalty mark will be used to determine the winning team except in the finals; if the match is still tied after overtime periods, Co-Champions will be declared.
*The game must be played in its entirety to be official (full duration, two overtime periods of ten minutes, and FIFA Kicks from the mark if necessary)
* Grace Period: A 15 minute grace period, beyond the scheduled match time, will be allowed for the arrival of a team. If at least 1 player – from the team – is at the field within 15 minutes of the start time, an additional grace period of 5 minutes will be given for the team to field a minimum of 7 players for full sided games and 5 for small sided games. The referee shall notify the Cup Committee of either or both team’s failure to appear within the grace period(s). Whether the game will be rescheduled or declared a forfeit will be the decision of the Cup Committee. NOTE: Games may be played with 7 players.
Reporting Scores
The Manager of each winning team must report the game score to their Cup Coordinator. Scores must be reported on-line and received by midnight of scheduled game day. Your Cup Coordinator will NOT accept scores via phone calls. All Cup scores will be posted no later than Monday night. Link: http://www.cjsareg.org/cjsacup/enterScores.asp
Referee Payments 
Managers must pay referees at the game.  In all rounds except the finals, the home team is responsible for the referee and assistant referee fees.  Important:  Under Documents on website- Download Cash Receipt Form for Referee Payments for reimbursement. Send in to our Treasurer for reimbursement
§ U11 - 14 $XX referees; $XX assistant referees
§ U15 – 19 $XX referees; $XX assistant referees