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Cross Rostering
There are certain games when a Travel team will find it hard to roster a full team.  This rarely occurs in the Fall and should not be encouraged but may happen in the Spring. It will depend on age group and commitment of players on the team.  Managers and Parent Coaches hopefully have a good idea of those players with potential conflicts.
The DSA does not encourage Cross Rostering so that it makes players MORE willing to miss games.  Higher commitment and full rosters is better for all players and families involved. That said we do recognize conflicts arise especially in the Spring.

2)Choosing players:  Based upon recommendations from Professional Coaches, Parent Coaches and Managers, players can be chosen to cross-roster in the same age group. For example:  u12 blue may have 3 players that are on the roster of both Blue and White. White players don't necessarily need to be cross rostered with the Blue team.  It works best if you find a few willing players who want to do it.  Some teams will cross roster 4 players, others only 1.  The ideal candidates may be those who don't have many conflicts or simply players who enjoy as much soccer as possible. Some may want to play with their friends on the opposite team.  Decisions can be backed up by the professional coach especially if a player is being asked to play from White to Blue. 
3)When to call on a player:  Cross rostered players are “on call”.  Players who are crossed rostered go to games only when asked (and if available).   Managers should only ask players to play if there is a strong need.
4)Decisions should be made before the season starts. In emergencies we can add players during the season.
5)Passes:  Players must have their pass for each game played.  Players only have one pass so they must collect pass from Primary team.  Coordinate with managers to be prepared to show pass to ref for each game. (Some refs will allow a player to sign a roster only- don’t rely on it).
6)No more than 40% of any one team can be cross rostered.
7)Club Excel can be cross rostered but not ideal- Uniforms, who gets picked etc.
8)Contact Travel Coordinator and Travel Registrars to get cross rostered new ROSTERS
Remember too, managers can schedule games on Saturdays and even during the week to avoid conflicts. Obviously getting a field and the other team to agree is essential.
Frank McGarey Notes:
Absolutely, only one pass per player.  New CJSA system allows local registrars to create passes.   Much more convenient than running to district office and having Deborah make them.  However, the trade-off is that multiple passes can be made for a kid.  Sounds like a convenience if the kid is cross rostered, but the big integrity issue is that if the kid gets red carded at a game and one of their passes gets pulled, they could use their 2nd pass to continue playing and highly likely that no one would be the wiser.  Not that we would ever do that, but registrars ABSOLUTELY should only make replacements for lost passes, NEVER make duplicates.
Managing pass of a Cross Rostered player. 
Agreeing to be a cross rostered player provides the opportunity for a kid to get more play time.  It also carries a higher level of responsibility for safely managing the hand off and return of the pass.  This should be coordinated between player/parent and team manager.  Player and parent should be fully aware that safely handling pass is a burden they have to endure to be cross rostered.
Players without passes, signing rosters, photocopies, etc.
Referees are instructed that when a player or an entire team is missing their roster and/or passes (lost, manager forgot, stuck in traffic, coach has them and he is at another game, etc.) then the acceptable procedure is to have each player initial next to their name on the roster.  Ref sends this in with report and the District follows up as necessary.
If no roster is present, then team has each player print their name and sign it on a sheet of paper.  Ref sends in, District follows up.
These procedures are clearly outlined to refs as proper for this situation