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                                                                DSA CLUB EXCEL 

BWK  Soccer has taken on a greater role in running our Club Excel program. Each team will continue to receive professional coaching during the week and weekly updates from his/her coach.  Below are new soccer coaching guidelines for our CE program.  


WEEK 1-2

Ball Control/Trapping and Dribbling at Speed  

Use different parts of body to control the ball, dribble to open space and correct technique for drag back, stop and go moves, different turns. Head up, move in different directions, use inside and outside of foot to dribble.



Passing Fundamentals

Inside/outside of the foot.  Strength and Accuracy.


Plenty of scrimmaging to assess where the players are at. What needs to be worked on and where we can improve. 



Passing and Receiving

Teach correct passing technique with inside of foot, head up, ball to feet or space for player to attack.  How to receive a ball properly.  Passing with both feet using inside of the foot.


Talk about teamwork.  Communication.  Be loud and call for the ball.

Recognizing the use of space on the field so a teammate can pass to you.




Assessment of play and targeting areas of improvement in an 8v8 format


Positioning, Shielding, Spacing, Using your body.




Correct Shooting technique,  Shooting for accuracy,  Shooting on the Move.


WEEK 8-9

Pulling it all together

Short sided games 4v1, 3v1 2v1 to 4v1 to review passing, receiving, shooting, defense.


Throughout the season teams will scrimmage and should have time for instruction on 8 v 8 field. 


Younger ages will be shown corner kicks, free kicks, off-sides, kick offs and goal kicks in the first 2 weeks of the season in order that in games they will be familiar with them


Older groups. With these groups we will start to put a little more emphasis on the tactical area of the game