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Program Overview: 

The Darien Soccer 3RD & 4TH grade house developmental program, Club Excel, is run by JA Elite Soccer Academy. The goal of this program is to promote a FUN, motivational, and exciting training environment that combines a player-centered approach with excellent coaching. It is designed for players who are not yet ready for the travel program or for those who prefer to continue learning the sport at the local level. Teams are a mix of 3rd and 4th grade Darien players. The teams practice twice a week and play games against one another on Saturdays. 

The training sessions will encourage constant play, allowing more opportunities for technical/tactical decision-making and numerous touches on the ball. We will provide every player in the program the opportunity to develop in a progressive and positive learning environment while having fun.

Program Goals:

  • To help ignite the passion for the game of soccer, by motivating and encouraging the players to enjoy the game and learn the fundamentals
  • To improve individual and collective basic skills
  • To further the individual and collective understanding of the game including playing positions & roles

Coaching & Curriculum: 

Our highly trained coaching staff will teach the fundamentals of soccer, including the technical side of the game and playing positions while maintaining consistency in our methodology with a progressive learning curriculum. The 3rd & 4th grade house developmental curriculum will align with our U9-U10 travel curriculum. 

Game Day: 

JA Elite coaches will support the volunteer parent coaches on Saturday games. They will remind players of the training objectives worked on during the week, as well as the playing structure, formation, etc. They will also evaluate the progress of the teams/players and will work closely with the parent coaches to help in the overall development of the teams/players.